About me

Welcome to the official website of Praktijk Karimi

On this site you will find information about my professional background as a consultant psychiatrist, working in private practice. You will also find information on different therapy methods and the patients that they apply to, the referral and registration process, and reimbursements.

I am a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and family&relation therapist. My specialization is in the field of treatment of personality disorders and complex trauma.

My vision

I strive to establish a good work alliance, which for me is central to setting treatment goals. I am straightforward in my communication and attitude as well as empathic and confronting, when necessary. Good diagnostics and problem definition are the basis of a good treatment. I work in accordance with the guidelines of my professional association and scientific protocols, and I tailor this knowledge to the patient’s needs. For me, the treatment does not focus on the referral complaint but the person himself as the bearer of that complaint. In addition to symptom relief, I try to help the patient gain insight, autonomy, and self-sufficiency.

One of my other specializations is transcultural psychiatry. Mental health complaints might present differently depending on cultural background or might require a different approach. Due to my own foreign background, I have more affinity in this area of work.

Work experience

  • January 2011- now: consultant psychiatrist in private practice Praktijk Karimi
  • April 2014- now: psychiatrist at Idiomes, transcultural psychiatry and psychotherapy department of GGzE
  • 2010-2014: Psychiatrist at the geriatric psychiatry department, GGZ Oost-Brabant


  • 2018-2020: Training in Transference Focused Therapy.
  • 2019: completion of training in Emotion-Focused Therapy.
  • 2011-2015: system therapy training, accredited by the Dutch association of family and relational therapy (NVRG)
  • Trainee psychiatrist, Reinier van Arkel Den Bosch the Netherlands, completed in 2010)
  • Medical school (1998-2004) at the University of Amsterdam

Quality registrations and membership of professional associations

  • BIG registration as a psychiatrist
  • President of the department of transcultural psychiatry of the Dutch Psychiatric Association (NVvP)
  • Membership of the following professional associations:
    • Federation of Medical Specialists (The Netherlands)
    • NVvP (Dutch Associaton for Psychiatry)
    • NVP (Dutch Association for Psychotherapy)
    • TFP Nederland (Transference Focused Therapy)
    • NVRG (Dutch Association for Family and Relation Therapy)
    • ISTFP (International Society of Transference Focused Therapy)
    • Register-member of NVPP (Dutch Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy)
  • Approved GGZ Quality Statute


I give therapies in Dutch, English, and Farsi / Dari.


In my practice, I treat patients of 18 years or older, with psychological complaints and disorders such as depressive disorder, PTSD and trauma-related problems, anxiety and panic disorder, obsession-compulsion symptoms, identity problems, personality problems, ADHD, autism, relationship, and family problems. Furthermore, the practice is specialized in transcultural problems. The applied therapy methods are medication treatment, talking therapies (supportive and structuring), and psychotherapy.


  • Psychiatric diagnostics, indication assessment and psychiatric treatment (medication and conversations).
  • Psychotherapy methods:
    • TFP (Transference Focused Psychotherapy): it is an evidence-based psychodynamic psychotherapy designed for patients with (severe) personality disorders with underlying borderline personality organization. TFP is an intensive (twice per week), individual, and long-term form of therapy. For more information about TFP click here.
    • EFT (Emotion Focused Therapy). This therapy method conceptualizes emotions as centrally important in human functioning and therapeutic change. The patient gains an understanding of his/her emotions as well as becoming capable of expressing and regulating them.
    • Elements from cognitive behavioral therapy, focussing on managing thoughts and behavior
    • NET (narrative exposure therapy) for PTSD
    • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and reprocessing)
    • Family and relationship therapy
    • EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) relation therapy
    • BEPP (Brief Eclectic Psychotherapy for PTSD)

Other services

  • Training therapy for resident psychiatrists
  • Consultation and advice for the first-line health services (see Consultation & Advice)
  • Workshops and training about transcultural psychiatry and transcultural system therapy

Exclusion criteria for treatment in my practice

The practice is not for patients:

  • who are crisis-sensitive, e.g. requiring aid in out-of-office hours;
  • who are diagnosed with schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders and are actively psychotic/ are not in a stable phase;
  • with severe bipolar disorder;
  • with addiction problems;
  • with primarily severe aggressive behavior

Waiting times

My waiting list is currently closed, and I can't accept new clients at this moment. (update 18-11-21)

Diagnostics and consultation

In some cases, one consultation session will be sufficient to diagnose the problem and to advise the GP (general practitioner) on a further approach. For this consultation, there is no waiting time. Only your GP can decide if this option is suitable for your situation. One consultation is exclusively for diagnosis and advice to GP and will not lead to a therapy process at the practice.

My working procedure

It is not possible to apply without a referral from your general practitioner or another doctor / medical specialist. The referral must be for specialized psychiatric care (specialist mental healthcare/ SGGZ). A psychiatric problem should constitute the reason for referral. Registration can be done by telephone or with the application form. Please note: if you use my e-mail address to register or submit an application, never send private information or your referral by e-mail. Instead, you can send an email with a contact request. Please mention your telephone number in your mail. When your registration is accepted, an intake interview is planned with you. During the intake interview, which lasts about 60 minutes, your complaints, their course, your functioning in various areas, and your life story will be discussed. It may be the case that the intake has to be extended with one or two sessions to understand the problem better. Your expectations and questions will also be discussed during the intake phase. After the intake phase, treatment can be started. The treatment plan is transparent and mutually agreed with you. The length of the treatment may vary depending on the problem and the need for assistance. When starting the treatment, a short report is sent to the referring professional (general practitioner). This happens after you have explicitly given permission for this. Notification to the general practitioner/referrer is only done via a secure connection (zorgmail system) that meets the requirements of privacy regulations. The intake, the reports of the treatment sessions, and other information about your treatment are stored in a secure digital file that complies with AVG regulations. Read more about this in my privacy statement. There will be regular evaluations to improve the quality of the therapy. This will be done by using questionnaires that can be filled in through secure links. During the period that you are under my care in my practice, there is the possibility (not obligatory) to mail me via the secure environment of Karify (health space) and to carry out online treatment assignments that aid the treatment process. For more information see: www.karify.com

After completing the treatment, a report is sent to the GP, this also happens under your permission.

The treatment of psychiatric disorders is included in the basic package of the Health Insurance Act. The regulation of the compulsory deductible (verplichte eigen risico) applies here. Since January 2014, a distinction has been made between basic mental health care and specialized mental health care. I only treat patients who are referred for specialized treatment (SGGZ).

Relationship Therapy
Since 1 January 2013, partner-relationship therapy and other forms of family/system therapy have been excluded from the basic health insurance package. This means that if the relationship problem is the main diagnosis, patients will have to pay the cost of their treatment themselves. I conduct partner-relationship therapy mainly in the EFT method (emotionally focused therapy, see for further information www.eft.nl ). Each one-hour session costs € 120 (no VAT obligation), for which you receive an invoice after each session. No official referral is required for registration. For information about registration and waiting time, you can call me or contact me by mail. Please do not send private information by mail.

I advise you to read my privacy statement and general terms and conditions, and if you have any questions about those policies you can contact me by mail.